About Barbara Huntley

Barbara Huntley loved Miramar — the organization, the bus, the lodge the skiing, the work weekends. Above all, Barbara loved the people in Miramar. The club became her family. She gave of her time generously; attended meetings, assumed numerous executive board positions (including two terms as president), worked creatively on club publications and was a leader in bringing about changes in club governance.

She had a vision for the club’s future. Looking ahead she saw herself and the club founders aging, slowing down, losing the driving energy of youth. Barbara made speeches, phone calls, nudged, cajoled and insisted on the need for having new and “younger” enthusiastic members who would carry on the tradition of her beloved Miramar. Barbara always made guests feel welcome and wanting to be part of this very special family. Under Barbara’s guidance, new members were quickly enlisted in the responsibilities of running the club and also given a voice in decision-making.

On the slopes, she was often teaching and encouraging newcomers to the sport. Her gift to Miramar, as implemented in the Barbara Huntley Novice Downhill Skier Program, will be a lasting statement of her passion for skiing and Miramar.

For the 2017–18 season, the Barbara Huntley Committee extended the Novice Downhill Ski Program to include snowboarders too. We hope that Barbara would see the inclusion of snowboarders as a way to introduce more people to the thrill and joy of winter mountain sports and to expand participation in Miramar.