Presidents Day Weekend Report

Presidents Day Weekend Report

Forecasted Polar Vortex for Presidents weekend did not deter 19 hardy skiers (including 4 guests) from heading to Vermont. With over a foot of snow that had fallen during the week the snow conditions were great and those who had been on the previous weekend were amazed how different it looked.

Saturday 15 downhill skiers had a fantastic day at Sugarbush while 4 cross country skiers went to Trapp which also had great conditions. Saturday night we welcomed approximately 25 of the Swiss Ski club to our lodge for cocktail hour which was a lot of fun. Valentines Day we woke up to -26F temperatures with real feel of -42F. With it forecasted to be even lower on the mountains and Sugarbush lifts on “Cold Hold”, decease there were still 6 hardy downhill skiers who headed to Stowe and 3 cross country skiers went to Craftsbury.

As long as you wore the appropriate layers they reported a fantastic day of sking and didn’t want to leave the mountain! Monday was almost balmy by comparison. Woke up to -11F and expected to go up to 17F. When one of our skiers announced to the ticket scanner at Sugarbush that “it’s like spring skiing” and it was still below 0 you know that we are definitely hardy East Coast skiers! With great snow conditions people had another fantastic day of skiing. Let’s say the bus was very quiet on the way home as everybody wore themselves out skiing!



Lake Minnewaska Bike Ride

Lake Minnewaska Bike Ride

The last Miramar member’s ride of the fall to Minnewaska State Park outside of New Paltz, New York, was a spectacular way to end the cycling season.

The temperatures were in the low 30’s when nine hardy Miramartians began the 11.5 mile loop around lakes Awasting and Minnewaska. It barely warmed up all day and we were treated to snow flurries on the return trip, so everyone’s ready for those snowy, early morning wakeup calls at the lodge this winter. Debriefing over German beer and lunch at the Mountain Brauhause capped the day!


Clockwise from 11 o’clock: Jim McCormick, Bob Lutz, Bill Schreiber, Sandy Galitzer, Richard Carey, Kathy Lee, George Schwab, Renatta Tennenbaum, Ruth Yashpan.



Hamilton Point looking south to the Hudson Valley



Renata rules!