2022-2023 COVID Policy

COVID Policy for 2022-2023
Effective Date: 10/6/2022

We want to help you have an enjoyable and healthy visit to the Miramar lodge, which starts with being prepared, knowledgeable, and taking precautions to keep healthy while traveling. While we all wish life was back to normal, the reality is we still have to navigate a world with COVID. Miramar has hosted many people at its lodge since 2020, and only a very small number have tested positive during or immediately after their stay. While none of those people became seriously ill and most had minor or no symptoms, this is group travel and it is possible that you or others may test positive for COVID during your visit.

General provisions:

  • This policy may be amended as the situation changes and federal and state governments issue new guidelines and rules.
  • All trippers will indicate agreement with Miramar Ski Club’s MEMBER & GUEST WAIVER.
  • Do not come to the lodge if you test positive for, have symptoms of, or have been exposed to someone with, Covid-19. Contact the trip leader if you have to cancel for any of these reasons.
  • Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Board of Directors.

Prior to your trip:

  • Everyone who is eligible for the COVID vaccine must submit proof of having received recommended vaccine doses, including a single booster shot, prior to traveling on the bus and/or staying at the lodge. Someone who is ineligible to receive a booster due to medical or other reasons, including recent COVID infection, must submit appropriate proof of their ineligibility in addition to proof of full vaccination.
  • Taking a COVID test immediately before your trip is highly recommended, but not required. If you test positive, please notify us as soon as possible. You will not be charged a cancellation fee (proof of positive test required).
  • Bring your own COVID rapid-testing kit(s) and high-quality masks.
  • Make plans and/or provisions should your trip be disrupted by COVID, e.g.,
    • Pack personal items, including any medical items, which may be needed if you must quarantine in Vermont for an extended time.
    • Be prepared financially to cover possible additional expenses. You may wish to consider purchasing trip insurance (WorldNomad has policies for around $40).

While on the bus or at the lodge (on-trip or off-trip):

  • Under normal circumstances, masks are not required on the bus or at the lodge. However, wearing a well-fitted mask when traveling or in a public setting is always a good idea. You should exercise the level of precaution that makes you most comfortable. Feel free to wear your mask, even if others aren’t.

    On-trip, the trip leader may at any time
  • Require trippers to wear masks when not actively eating or drinking, or ask a tripper to take a rapid test.
    If you do not have your own test kit, one will be provided, and you will be charged $20. If you choose not to test, the trip leader will proceed as if you tested positive. 
  • If you test positive while at the lodge, you must report your test to the trip leader (on-trip) or off-trip reservationist. Other people staying in the lodge will be notified that someone has tested positive.

After your trip:

  • Taking a COVID test after your trip and sharing any positive result with the trip leader or WhatsApp group is highly recommended.

In the rare event you become ill and test positive while at the lodge:

  • You may quarantine at the lodge in a room set aside for this purpose or make your own arrangements to quarantine elsewhere (information about local lodging, transportation and other resources will be provided). You will not be able to take the bus home that weekend.

    If you choose to quarantine at the lodge:
  • You may stay through the following weekend and, if available, take the return bus home. Miramar provides no guarantee that a bus will be offered the following weekend.
  • A mini fridge and microwave will be provided in the Quiet Room. You will not be allowed to use the main kitchen as other visitors may be staying at the lodge. Grocery delivery is available from Shaw’s market.
  • You will be responsible for the standard fees for each night your remain at the lodge. The regular room rate will be charged for each night you stay off-trip.  If you stay through the following weekend and it is a bus trip weekend you’ll only pay the discounted off-bus trip rate and can take the bus home. 
  • Refunds will not be issued if you test positive during the trip.