Please help us buy a Heavens Gate Lift chair

Help Miramar add a piece of Sugarbush history to our lodge!

In the spring of 2024, Sugarbush began the project to replace the Heaven’s Gate Chairlift. As part of this project, the mountain has announced that they will be selling some of the old chairs. Sugarbush is a fan favorite of many Miramar members, and adding one of its iconic peak chairs to our lodge would further enrich the storied history of the Miramar Ski Lodge.

The chair will likely be placed outside at the rear of the lodge but this is yet to be determined. Your input on this is welcome.

Like the Mad River Glen single chair, acquiring a Heaven’s Gate chair will be a member funded initiative. Sugarbush has not yet released specific details about when the chairs will be sold or how much they will be sold for. However, we want to be prepared ahead of time as interest in the chairs will likely be high. Therefore at this time we are asking that members interested in helping to fund this purchase to click on the jotform link below and pledge a donation. Please note no payment will be taken until the purchase is confirmed.

The club has reached out to Sugarbush for information on the sale and more details will follow as soon as we have a timeline. If there any any questions regarding this matter, please contact Matthew Gogoj.

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