Official Event Policy

Official Miramar Ski Club Events are:

  • Club sanctioned activities approved by a commensurate Miramar committee (see Respective Committee in table below).
  • It promotes the club’s best interests/mission at large.
  • The event includes an invite/access to *everybody in the club.
  • To run a club activity, you need to be a Full Member or an Associate Member in good standing.
  • If ticketing/money is involved with your event, you will need to provide a full accounting of the finances upon the club’s request.

(*This does not mean that if you are hosting a baseball game, for example, that you need to purchase a ticket for everyone in the club. It’s defined as everyone has an opportunity to sign-up until your ticket quota is reached.)

What they are not:

  • Exclusionary – by personal invite only
  • Benefitting someone else’s personal gain OR interests
  • Competing directly with similar club initiatives and activities
  • Lacking in transparency regarding finances or request to audit

In summation, The Board doesn’t want to discourage socializing outside of the club. It’s fun, healthy, and good for the Miramar community. It’s important to acknowledge our membership and their diverse talents and achievements. But unsanctioned activities and solicitations should remain on one’s own: website, social platforms, apps, emails, or other digital outlets. User-generated content that is not within the above guidelines, and other code of conduct violations, will be removed.

Event/Activity Approvers as of June 2024

Type of Activity – Event Respective Committee Current Chair – Approver
General Club Meetings Miramar Board Robin Bossert
Local Club Activities Local Activities Phil Tang / Belinda Smith
Winter Trips to Lodge VT Winter Trips Tom Fleming / Anna Harrington
Off Season Lodge Trips Off Lodge Trips Kalinka Muldova
Work Weekends Lodge Operations James Shanahan / Regina Schuster
Membership Drives – Promo Membership Shawn Grand / Blythe Austin

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