Calling All Members!

If you have a destination you always wanted to go here is your chance.  We recommend finding a reputable travel agent that specializes in ski vacations for large groups.  Have them put together a plan for a trip that YOU will run and submit it to us for a vote.

This year, voting will be done online using the same platform we use for bus trips.

2024-2025 Season Submission Deadline

Submissions must be received by April 2nd, 2023

If you are interested in submitting a trip please provide the following information in a one-page, typed reproducible document.

  1. Name/location of the destination ski area and lodging facilities. The trip must accommodate a group of at least 50 people.
  2. The trips should be a minimum of seven nights.
  3. Name, phone ##[s], email of trip leader[s].
  4. Date of trip: Trip to run at least 7 nights [with at least 6 possible ski days] between the following dates: FEBRUARY 24th, 2024 [or night before if evening/night flight] and MARCH 3rd, 2024 OR between MARCH 2nd, 2024 [or night before] and MARCH 10th, 2024. The basic trip is during one of these one week time periods – optional extensions are okay.
  5. Cost of trip: the cost MUST INCLUDE AIRFARE/TRANSFERS/LODGING and other items noted below. Room prices are to be based on double occupancy.
  6. Travel agents must be used and must be members of the American Society of Travel Agents.


The cost of trip must include the following:

AIRFARE – must have seating available for at least 50 people; must advise flight details, including if there are not enough seats for the entire group on one specific flight from NYC area airports and if the group must travel on different flights, etc.; must include all known/suspected airfare, including fees, departure tax, fuel surcharge, known ski baggage fees.

TRANSFERS – between airport to/from destination;

LODGING – with any included taxes and gratuities – if gratuities are not included, must advise if trip leader will collect from group on trip and what approximate amount will be collected.

MEALS – indicate which, if any, are included with the lodging;

LIFT TICKETS – if included in price; if not included, provide pricing options for 4-6 days. PARTIES/SPECIAL

EVENTS – at least two group gatherings, including an introductory cocktail/informational party as well as another group event [cocktail party/dinner, etc.] must be planned and included in basic price – please note others, as well, if included.

CLUB SURCHARGE – A $50 club surcharge MUST be included in the total price.

CREDIT CARD FEES FOR VOTING DEPOSIT – $7.50 per person extra must be added to cover the credit card processing fees for the initial $250 voting deposit. The remainder can be paid via check, Zelle, cash.

Please spell out what, if any, costs are subject to change [airfare, for example] and what major items are NOT included – for example, meals, lift tickets, hotel/condo gratuities, ski baggage airline fees, etc.
[Please note that a guest fee of $125 is not included in the basic trip price, but should be noted as extra.]

Please list all extra options with available costs: this should include lift tickets, if not included in basic cost, extension travel/stay options, extra exciting things to do for group and/or individual activities [i.e. tobogganing, sleigh rides, ski guides, local tours, etc.] Trip leaders should plan some group activities. Brief description of area and attractions – you may include a picture, drawing, etc. with your submission.


  1. A member in good standing [i.e. one with no outstanding dues on the day prior to this notice] who wants to organize and lead a trip may submit a trip – only one submission per person. If you are interested, please submit the requested information as noted above. It is suggested that there be a co-leader, as well
  2. Trip submissions must be approved by the Miramar Board of Directors.
  3. Those submissions that are approved by the Board are voted on by all members, including associate members, in good standing.  Please note that only fully paid-up members/associates are permitted to vote on a trip.
  4. The trip leader must be prepared to accommodate and service a group of at least 50 people on the trip, with airline seats available for 50 people [see #4 above for further instructions.]

It is highly recommended that draft trip submissions be submitted as early as possible so that any potential kinks can be worked out before the final submission date. No changes may be made to submissions after April 2nd, 2023