CAR TRIP 2/24/23 - 2/26/23 No Meals No Wheels




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Who is Eligible?

Eligibility for No Meals / No Wheels Stays (NMNW Stays) is the same as for any off-trip stay. Specifically,

  • Regular, Gold and Platinum Members and their guests may book NMNW Stays.
  • Associate Members and independent guests may not.

How do the Stays Work?

  • Trippers make off-trip reservations for whatever number of nights they wish during the NMNW period and pay the normal off-trip rates (i.e., $40 per night for a member, $55 for a guest).
  • The off-trip reservationists make room assignments.
  • A day or two before the trip, all trippers, including the Trip Coordinator, receive a list of everyone registered, including names, contact info and when they will be at the lodge.
  • Trippers share expenses if they choose to participate in any car-pooling or communal meals.
  • Members are expected to care for the lodge as owners and participate in chores necessary to assure the premises are left clean and secure.

What are Trip Coordinator’s Responsibilities?

  • Facilitate car-pooling putting people who are seeking rides and offering rides in touch with each other.
  • Organize at least one communal meal, based on tripper interest in participating.
  • Oversee the accomplishment of chores necessary to leave the premises clean and secure (e.g., kitchen clean-up, trash removal, lodge departure checks, all locked).

Who can be a Coordinator & What Benefit will They Receive?

  • Members who are well-experienced and responsible trippers are invited to submit a request to serve as a Trip Coordinator. Assignments will be made according to availability.
  • Members who serve as a Trip Coordinator will receive a 50% discount on their stay.

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