Lodge Rules

Notes on Lodge Use
One of the great benefits of Miramar membership is the availability of the lodge all year long.  If you’d like to stay at the lodge on a date that there is no scheduled trip, you must follow these procedures:

  • Get the current combination for the front door
  • Pay for the lodge use
  • Review the latest version of the Lodge Use Handbook

Door Combination

The front doors to the lodge have combination locks that ARE CHANGED REGULARLY.  Never assume you know the correct combination!

  • Please notify “the keeper of the locks” five days in advance of your trip.
  • You should always first clear the locks by turning the knob counter-clockwise.  Then punch in the code and turn the knob clockwise.

NEW for 2007

We now have an alarm system installed in the lodge.  You will have 30 seconds to disarm the system so make sure you are ready to act fast.  The alarm code is NOT the same as the door combination but you will get that information from the same person who provides the door combination.

You must enter from the front door closest to the covered bridge.  The alarm control panel is located on your left as you enter. VERY IMPORTANT!!! If another member has disarmed the system you will see a sign indicating this.  If that is the case do nothing.

Of course you and any other members in the lodge must coordinate the control of the security system making sure it is armed when the last person leaves.

The member who is managing Off-Trip Lodge Use is listed on the Club Officers Page.
Lodge Use Price List

  • Members $25/night
  • Guests $30/night

If your stay at the lodge is an extension of a trip you might have a special deal so always check with the trip leader.

You should pay for your stay immediately.  By delaying this you only create (unpleasant) work for your fellow members to track you down and ask for the money.  Be kind and pay on time!!

Mail a check payable to Miramar Ski Club, Inc. to the Off-Trip Lodge Use manager listed on the Officers page.
Review the Lodge Use Handbook


In other words, change the sheets, replace the towels, clean the bathroom and remove any trash you brought into the lodge.  Turn off lights & faucets and close all windows.

Make sure all the lights are off, faucets shut, windows closed, the heat is turned down to 50 degrees, and that all doors are locked when you leave!

And remember… this is our house.  Please treat it well and respect the efforts of your fellow members that go into keeping the place clean and tidy.


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