Coming to a Miramar event for the first time?

How do I sign up for a trip? From our Calendar, click on the trip you want to attend and choose “Register.” 

Do I have to be a member to come on a Miramar trip? No, we have guests on every trip. Just sign up and show up!

Do I have to be vaccinated against COVID to come on a trip? No. With the end of the Federal COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, Miramar has removed its COVID vaccination requirements.

What are the sleeping accommodations like? Most attendees stay in a double room, with two twin beds, and share a bathroom with the room next door. We’ll pair you with a roommate. On busy weekends, some attendees may be in a triple room or a six-person dorm.  

Can I drive to the lodge on my own instead of taking the bus? Generally guests are not allowed to drive to the lodge on their own, as they cannot be in the lodge unless a member is present. 

Where do you ski? Look at the Trip Description on the Calendar to see where a trip will go (conditions permitting). We most often go to Sugarbush and Killington, and sometimes to Stowe. We occasionally drop skiers off at Mad River Glen and, on long weekends, may go to Jay Peak or other Vermont resorts. Visit our XC Country & Snowshoeing page to learn about cross-country/snowshoeing destinations. The Trip Leader has final say over our ski destination, and occasionally must make a last-minute change due to weather conditions. If this happens on a trip that you’re on, please be flexible and respect the Trip Leader’s decision. 

What is your cancellation policy? 

You may cancel your trip reservation without charge up to 12 PM ET the Monday before the trip. After that, you will be charged a $100 cancellation fee. No-shows are charged full cost. See more details here:

Are snowboarders welcome too? Of course! We have lots of members who snowboard. On the rare weekends when our bus drops people at Mad River Glen, which is ski-only, the bus also drops people at Sugarbush, where snowboarders are welcome.

Do I have to ski or snowboard on a trip? No! Our trips accommodate cross-country skiers, snowshoers, and those who just want to enjoy winter from the cozy indoors. Our bus generally does a drop-off and pick-up at a XC/snowshoeing place each day (snow conditions permitting). And, if you’d rather enjoy Vermont from indoors, there are a range of other activities you can do

I don’t know how to ski or snowboard. Am I still welcome? Yes! In fact, we’ll subsidize your downhill skiing and snowboarding lessons, $100/day for up to 3 days. We can do this because a longtime Miramar member, Barbara Huntley, left money in her will to support people who wish to learn to ski with Miramar. We’re thrilled that you’ll take part in perpetuating Barbara’s amazing legacy. Learn more about our beginner program here.   

How do I become a Miramar member? Join Miramar on three bus trips as a guest. This will give you and club members a chance to get to know each other. After your third trip, you may complete the membership application here.

Can you accommodate food restrictions? Our chef prepares breakfast and dinner each day. Currently, she can accommodate people who are vegetarian or who do not eat red meat. If you have a non-veg related food allergy or restriction, please reach out to your Trip Leader to discuss. 

Once we’re in Vermont, do I have to follow the Miramar bus schedule? Yes, with some exceptions. There is a free local bus to Sugarbush that runs most of the ski season and stops close to our lodge. On all but the final day, when we go to Sugarbush and the free public bus is running, you can leave for Sugarbush earlier, and/or return to the lodge  earlier than the Miramar bus. In any case, you must let the trip leader know if you will not be on the bus. On the final day (i.e. Sunday on a typical weekend), we head directly home from the resort, and so you must take the Miramar bus.

How much do your trips cost? What does the price cover?  Each Trip Description includes the price for that trip. Our Winter Trips page also has a table that lists the cost of each type of Vermont trip this season. These fees cover lodging, happy hours, breakfast and dinner and, for bus trips, transportation. You’ll be responsible for additional costs, such as lunch, rentals, and lift tickets, which we have available for a discounted price.   

Does the trip price include lift tickets? No. We have discounted lift tickets available for purchase through the club, which you can buy from your Trip Leader. We also subsidize beginner tickets and lessons, which you can learn about here. That said, many regular-attendees of Miramar trips choose to buy IKON season passes, since our trips generally go to Sugarbush and Killington, which both accept the IKON pass.

Can I come to the Miramar lodge on my own? Guests are not allowed in the lodge without a member present. Miramar members are welcome to use the lodge with their guests any time for a small fee. Anyone staying in the lodge during an official club trip must pay the official rate for that trip. 

Can I bring my kids on a Miramar trip? Yes! Miramar is a family-friendly environment. Children of all ages are welcome on carpool trips. On bus trips, we ask that children be old enough to remain in control and non-disruptive on the bus. Please contact your Trip Leader with any questions. 

How do I know who the Trip Leader is for a trip? You can see who your Trip Leader is by going to our Calendar and clicking on the trip you wish to attend. After you sign up for a trip, the Trip Leader will send you emails about the trip. 

Will I spend a lot of time waiting around for others on a Miramar trip? Generally no. Miramar trips run like clockwork and everyone is expected to be on time throughout the weekend. That said, obviously emergencies and unexpected things happen, and we ask that everyone be flexible in those situations. 

How much will I get to ski or snowboard? Miramar is a ski club, first and foremost. Our #1 priority is spending the most time possible on the mountain. You’ll generally get to ski to your heart’s content each day. 

How much partying is there on a Miramar trip? Miramartians love to have a good time together, but our #1 priority is skiing and snowboarding. In the evenings, people socialize, have a few drinks, and hit the dance floor, then head to bed to be ready to ski in the morning. Miramar is not a wild or drunken party atmosphere. 

What time does the Miramar bus leave/return to NYC? Refer to the Trip Description, found on the Calendar, for exact details. Generally the bus pulls out from Chelsea at 5:45 PM on Friday. As a guest, be there at 5:15 so you have time to check in and board. Weather permitted, we return at about 10:30 PM. We also do a pickup and drop off in Ramsey, NJ. 

Should I buy a lift ticket/reserve rental equipment from a resort ahead of time? No. We recommend that you not buy day-specific tickets or rentals at a resort ahead of time, as conditions may cause the Trip Leader to change our destination at the last minute. You may buy discounted lift tickets on the bus and pay for rentals at the ski resort. 

Are your trips IKON-pass friendly? Yes. Virtually all of our trips go to Sugarbush, which is an IKON resort. Most of our trips also go to Killington, which accepts the IKON pass for 5 or 7 days, depending on your pass level. That said, occasionally our trips go to Stowe or other resorts, so check the Trip Description for the destinations of a given trip. 

Are your trips Epic-pass friendly? We go to Stowe multiple times each season, which is an Epic resort. Please refer to our Calendar’s Trip Descriptions to see which trips will go to Stowe. 

Will I be comfortable attending a Miramar trip by myself? Absolutely. Most people who attend Miramar trips come on their own, without a partner or any non-Miramar friends. You’ll quickly make friends and feel at home with the Miramar community. 

Can I come on a Miramar trip with a group? Yes. We love it when groups of guests attend! Please mark that you’re traveling together on your registration form. We will do our best to ensure that you sit together and share room(s), though this may not be possible on powder weekends and/or if you sign up at the last minute.

Still have questions? Write to us and a member will get back to you with answers.

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