We’re thrilled that you are interested in joining Miramar!

Members pay an annual fee. In exchange, they receive discounted rates for Miramar trips and may stay at the lodge with their guests anytime for a small fee whenever there is not an organized trip. They may also store their skis/snowboards year-round at our bus pickup location in Chelsea.

Anyone 18+ who has attended three trips with Miramar, including two bus trips, may apply for membership. If you meet these requirements, click here to fill out the membership application.

If you’re new to Miramar, we’d love to meet you. Please check our calendar and sign up for a trip to our lodge or a local social event.

If you have questions about membership, contact us or ask any of the Miramar members whom you’ve met on Miramar trips. They’re all happy to answer questions and tell you more about Miramar.