Welcome to Miramar Ski Club’s new website!

Most of what you’re looking for is right up front: go to About to learn more about Miramar. Read the News to hear about what’s going on. Visit the Calendar and the Event Listing beneath it for dates and details of all our trips. Go to the Gallery to see more photos and videos, read Miramar’s History of emerging from the sea, and enjoy our YouTube channel to round-out your visit.

If you’re already a member and need help setting up your account this how to guide was made just for you.

Wred-alien-hihile we’re at it, a shout out to Ann Forbes Cooper, Sarah McGrath, David Wallenstein, Vlad Lascar, Tom Fleming and Aamir Toor for their help taking the old site apart, shuffling the pieces, and putting it back together again with a new design and a lot more.

Like most shiny new digital things this website is entering it’s public “beta” test. Nearly everything works but please be patient if you run into some dead ends. So enjoy your visit, and let us know if you find any errors or bugs so we can fix them. Thanks!





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