The end of the season is always bitter-sweet, and some years the remaining snow melts away with a whimper. But not this year!

The party started on the bus before we reached the Lincoln Tunnel and continued until we arrived home from Vermont on Sunday evening, leaving everyone wanting more. And the weather played right along: dumping 10″ of snow at Stowe to give us mid-winter powder conditions all day Saturday, then delivering a blue-bird spring day on Sunday with bright skies, abundant powder at the summit and corn snow at lower elevations, with temperatures that peaked at 80(!) degrees in the sun. Did I mention Cathy’s impressive ski-yoga demonstration, Saturday night dance party, the herd of wild things hanging at Spruce Base Bar, or the truck full of Butternut Golden Retrievers?

As Phil Caracci wrote on his Facebook page, “Such a spectacular day at Stowe Mountain Resort! Sure the snow was great, the sun was great, the discounted tickets were great, the truckload of puppies was great…. but what’s really great is the people on the trip that you share all of this joy with.”

If you love skiing and boarding, making new friends, playing with puppies, and getting down on the dance floor, it doesn’t get better. Check out our calendar and join us at one of our social events, on the bike trial this summer, or at the Miramar lodge next season. You won’t regret it.

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