By Emily from Mar 27, 2024
This week’s trip began as always.  Us Manhattanites met at the large green doors of the Masonic Temple in Manhattan. I’m curious what goes on in there, but basically, it’s just a meeting spot and a place for Miramar members to store their skis. I’m still curious what goes on in there. Shortly after the bus ride begins, we’re offered little plastic cups of brandy by David, carrying the brandy around his neck and wearing a miner’s headlamp.  The bus ride to Vermont was jovial and fun.  We got into a conversation about the history of Miramar, and it’s rumored that in the 70s it served as a swingers’ club. Needless to say, it’s no longer a swingers’ club but a good number of members met and married on a Miramar ski trip. Just saying. 

Saturday morning, we got up bright and early and had a sumptuous breakfast of pretty much everything you could ask for– yogurt, toast, eggs, pancakes, muffins, peanut butter, etc. etc. We hit Sugarbush by 9am.  Conditions were, well, northeast ice, but not a skating rink and could have been worse. Sun was shining. I skied with a lovely group of talented skiers who were all a lot more elegant on ice than me, and I was beyond happy to ski with them. Lunch at the main lodge with a bunch of Miramartians.  Several more skiers joined our group in the afternoon, and we did more skiddy blues. I bailed after that and met the après ski group at Rumbles where we drank and compared ice experiences.

Big gap in my note taking but suffice it to say that that Saturday dinner was lovely. A whopping 13 first timers and second timers introduced themselves at dinner, and there were a bunch of new members as well. After dinner people lingered and socialized. I took the down time to do some work and went to bed early.

Sunday at Killington. Not too crazy icy. Again, I skied with a group of lovely, ice proficient and elegant skiers. I geeked out on ski technique, tried to understand ice and just chilled with the friendliest skiers on the Mountain. Total lack of recall on the rest of the trip, but I got home Sunday evening feeling physically tired but energized by a weekend of skiing and connected to my ski-loving brethren.

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