Lake Minnewaska Bike Ride

Lake Minnewaska Bike Ride

The last Miramar member’s ride of the fall to Minnewaska State Park outside of New Paltz, New York, was a spectacular way to end the cycling season.

The temperatures were in the low 30’s when nine hardy Miramartians began the 11.5 mile loop around lakes Awasting and Minnewaska. It barely warmed up all day and we were treated to snow flurries on the return trip, so everyone’s ready for those snowy, early morning wakeup calls at the lodge this winter. Debriefing over German beer and lunch at the Mountain Brauhause capped the day!


Clockwise from 11 o’clock: Jim McCormick, Bob Lutz, Bill Schreiber, Sandy Galitzer, Richard Carey, Kathy Lee, George Schwab, Renatta Tennenbaum, Ruth Yashpan.



Hamilton Point looking south to the Hudson Valley



Renata rules!

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