Even if the weather outside is frightful, the weather inside Miramar’s lodge is smokin’ — and you won’t need your long-johns to be warm!


Not sure what to give that special someone this year, or maybe you need to treat yourself to a holiday break?

Even though the weather is frightfully unseasonable (thanks a lot, El Nino!), if you haven’t locked in your New Year’s plans our lodge in Waitsfield, Vermont is the place to be. 

Powder shots after breakfast may not be on the menu this month, but Stowe has 21 trails open and Sugarbush 8, so there’s that. And the venerable Single Chair Weather Blog just posted about the likelihood of a “Madden-Julian Oscillation” occurring and its “capability of re-dealing the cards” on the weather. Hey, if there’s a chance it’ll work you can set me up with two shots of MJO right now, please!

But even better than shots of MJO is New Years weekend in Vermont with Miramar. Great people, great meals, great dancing, and maybe a few ski runs, too So step right up, click one of the buttons below, and buckle your seat belts for a great time!

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