screenshot_2016-09-11-12-26-13Miramar began in the sea and this summer we returned to the sea thanks to Peter Maloney and the Sebago Canoe Club who hosted a 8-mile paddle across Jamaica Bay into the Gateway National Recreation Area.

We watched cormorants drying their wings, osprey curiously observing our fleet of Miramartians, and had a rare sighting of two tilt-rotor osprey coming in to land at JFK. Trippers and friends included Peter and Virginia Maloney, Rose Ng, Liz Meyers, Gail Reiken Tuzman, Mich Rowen, Wendy Shepard, Aaron Hoglund, Renata Tenenbaum and Richard Carey. With special thanks to John Daskalakis of the National Park Service who joined us, and Bonnie from Sebago for her helping wrangle our group and providing these excellent photos [click to view full size].