I like eating fish. I like catching fish.

Finding a seafood restaurant in Manhattan is easy, but finding a place to fish, not so much. And, If you threw a line in the East River, would you be inclined to eat anything you caught? Hmmm … a little too close to the Newtown Creek and the Gowanus Canal.

Well, it turns out there is another option, and it’s convenient. On East 23rd Street and the FDR Drive service road there is a tiny marina that you might not even know exists. That is the home of the Capitol Princess.

I learned about this family owned and operated fishing boat from an email, and I was eager to give it a try.

Of course, you all know that Miramar was a yacht club before it was a ski club. Our ski club is directly descended from Sheepshead Bay sailors. So a Miramar boat trip is not a new thing.

The original trip, with four people, was planned for Labor Day, it was canceled because of a hurricane watch. That turned out to be a good thing because it gave us an extra week, and we ended up with a group of 15 mostly Miramartian fisher people.

The journey lasts six hours, which is great because you have about an hour of travel time to get out to the fishing spots on both sides of the Verrazano Bridge. There is a lunch break too. The price also includes water, soda and lunch. Beer was available for purchase.

The boat has an upper deck with padded couches and wide open breezy viewing in three directions. Perfect for the sightseeing part of the day.

Every once in a while someone would reel in a sea robin, which looks more like a bird than a fish. A few sharks also found their way into the boat. Some were very kissable.

The biggest catch was not from our group. I saw a dude a few feet away from me pull in a 10 pound monster fluke.

In all there was about three hours of fishing time. The boat supplies the rod, reel and bait, as well as lessons, if anyone is in need. The entire crew was delightful and eager to make sure everyone had fun. When a business takes that much care of their customers, you know they want you back. Look for a Miramar fishing trip on next year’s summer schedule.