In the hot-off-the-digital-press new edition of Liftlines, Phil Caracci reports, “…Snow started falling early in November, and the resorts all opened up by Thanksgiving Day. The Nov-Dec snowfall will likely exceed all of last season. But lots of things were the same. Ray picked us up in The Hampton Jitney on West 23rd St. Alena baked brownies for the bus. Carolyn had hot cider waiting for us in the lodge when we arrived, and Saturday night featured a loud disco dance party. Yet some things were different. Nate was missing from the kitchen staff; the Bernsteins started their own ski club, and The Golden Corral was not on the menu. We’ll cover all that, but the big story of the trip, and the reason it was near capacity, was the snow…”

Read all the details in the Winter 2016-17 edition of Liftlines