By Chris Wright from Jan 13, 2023

MLK Weekend: The 2023 Season Begins

My traditional first ski trip of the season started this MLK weekend. The first “run” is walking down the bus aisle and seeing who’s who. Something old (members), something new (Huntley graduates), something borrowed (guests), something blue (bright new gear). Each Miramar trip starts with a bus seat intro to your skiing comrades-in-arms for the next three days. We eat, play and chore together 24/7. By the end, everybody gets to meet everybody. A truly special experience.

The biggest concern was ski conditions. There had been ominous reports of “no snow”. But we are east coast skiers and can brave any and all conditions. Turns out the reports were false! After the first run on the first day, I knew we are AOK. Sugarbush had plenty to offer, unless you wanted Castle Rock and death-defying plunges, but even the A-team skiers had a blast. The snow was a bit mushy and it was a bit foggy, but we were all happily exhausted on the ride back to the lodge.

On Saturday, the Sugarbush sun came out, we got cheeked burned, and the snow had been expertly groomed. A fabulous ski day for all! Happy hour at the lodge was extra-happy, dinner was gay (from bright red cheeks) and we even danced at the lounge party after dinner.

Monday was a little less sunny, but the snow at Killington was good, and we had another excellent day. I found my fav area at Bear Mountain and skied the blues and greens with my son till we dropped.

Snow is expected this week and the upcoming weekend should be even better. It was great to see the old, the new, the borrowed and that nobody was blue. I’ll be on the Jan. 27 trip. See everybody soon.

P.S. The renovated and refurbished rooms are top rate.

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