2016 Big Trip to Cortina d’Ampezzo and Venice, Italy

2016 Big Trip to Cortina d’Ampezzo and Venice, Italy

We came, skied, dined and danced on a fantastic trip led by Len Frank and Sharron Lieberman. In Cortina the weather gods cooperated, with two powder dumps, two days of flurries, two bluebird days, and for many the unforgettable 55km Sella Ronda tour. The weather in Venice was sketchier but, ever resourceful, the Miramartians started a new black-bag fashion trend and everyone managed to stayed dryish. [Click on an image to enlarge, then use the L and R arrows on your keyboard to go forward or back at your own pace.] Photo credits: Ruth Yashpan, David Wallenstein, Susan Weintraub, Colleen Curry, David Martz, Richard Carey.

Miramar Brings Home the Metal!

The Miramar Race Team came away with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at the MET NY Ski Council Races at Pico. Here are the results:

Intermediate Event

Super Elite Women
Karen McFarlane: GS-Silver, Slalom-Gold, Combined-Silver

Elite Women
Susan Weintraub: GS-Gold, Slalom-Gold, Combined-Gold

Senior Women
Colleen Curry: GS-Gold, Slalom-Gold, Combined-Gold

Veteran Men
Chip Martin: GS-Silver, Slalom-Bronze, Combined-Bronze

Intermediate Team

Miramar Ski Club – Silver

Cross–Country Skiing with Miramar

Cross–Country Skiing with Miramar

Cross-country skiers are welcome on Miramar’s weekly ski bus trips to our lodge in Vermont. Depending on which downhill area we visit the day’s snow and weather conditions, the usual XC destinations are Ole’s in the Mad River Valley, The Trapp Family Lodge, or the Stowe XC Center.


Ole’s , Warren Vermont — http://www.olesxc.com/

The closest cross country ski facility to our lodge in Waitsfield, Ole’s was opened by a legendary Norwegian cross-country skier. Still locally owned, Ole’s features rolling trails through the woods and fields and  past local barns. Beginner, intermediate and some challenging trails for more experienced skiers are offered. Helpful staff, excellent lessons for skiers of every level and a bright welcoming sky-light lit lounge with soup and sandwich offerings round out the experience. Occasional acoustic music jams occur at lunchtime as well as a memorable local distillery tasting.

Mansfield/Stowe Cross County in Stowe, Vermont — http://www.trappfamily.com/

Where skiing began before they invented the ski  lift. Enterprising cross country skiers unearthed the old trail maps of Stowe Ski Resort  and recreated the original trails. Just down the mountain from the Stowe Alpine Resort, Mansfield offers some challenging black runs with serious downhill stretches in addition to a multitude of beginner and intermediate trails. Facilities include a warming hut along the trail serving hot chocolate,and a yurt by the lodge to relax in. Trails connect to the Toll Road trail at the downhill resort where gravity’s pull can be experienced to its fullest. High quality instruction and rentals are available. A connection to the nearby Trapp Cabin is available for hearty souls willing to head uphill approximately four kilometers, A fireplace, soups sandwiches, hot apple cider and cookies are served. Of course after heading uphill you get to race back downhill when you have finished your destination dining experience in the woods.

Trapp Family Lodge, Stowe, Vermont — http://www.stowe.com/ski-ride/xc/

A true  resort in addition to  an excellent cross-country ski venue, Trapp Family Lodge offers an on site brew-pub  an Austrian bakery as well as the Trapp Cabin. A well groomed and extensive trail system provides trails for racers as well as expert, intermediate and beginner skiers. Yes, this venue  was opened and run by the Trapp family of Sound of Music fame and the hills are alive and the trails are exceptionally well groomed.

Spend New Years Eve with Miramar

Spend New Years Eve with Miramar

Even if the weather outside is frightful, the weather inside Miramar’s lodge is smokin’ — and you won’t need your long-johns to be warm!


Not sure what to give that special someone this year, or maybe you need to treat yourself to a holiday break?

Even though the weather is frightfully unseasonable (thanks a lot, El Nino!), if you haven’t locked in your New Year’s plans our lodge in Waitsfield, Vermont is the place to be. 

Powder shots after breakfast may not be on the menu this month, but Stowe has 21 trails open and Sugarbush 8, so there’s that. And the venerable Single Chair Weather Blog just posted about the likelihood of a “Madden-Julian Oscillation” occurring and its “capability of re-dealing the cards” on the weather. Hey, if there’s a chance it’ll work you can set me up with two shots of MJO right now, please!

But even better than shots of MJO is New Years weekend in Vermont with Miramar. Great people, great meals, great dancing, and maybe a few ski runs, too So step right up, click one of the buttons below, and buckle your seat belts for a great time!

Find out more and Sign Up for the New Years Weekend Bus Trip




Labor Day Trip

Labor Day Trip

By Miramar from Sept 5, 2022

I lumbered up the Miramar porch with my backpack on, a duffel bag in one hand and my tea set in the other. Before I could set my bag down to plunk in our secret entry code, the door swung open and Bill and Robin greeted me. “We’re kayaking in 10 minutes!” they said.

“I’ll be ready in 5! By the way, my name’s Rick . . .”

With that, our Labor Day weekend was off and running (er — paddling)! Bill, Robin, and I were joined by Regina, Ruth, and Lauren for an easy afternoon exploring Blueberry Lake. Regina and I paired up to explore the inlets along the bank. We stopped whenever a particularly interesting plant or bird caught her naturalist’s eye. Our top find was a Kingfisher bird — a first for me!

The next day was filled with adventures. Robin directed me to the Appalachian Gap Trailhead at the top of Rt. 17. After wandering along it for a while I was surprised to pop out on top of Mad River Glen! From there I kept on going up and up until I found the charming and storied Stark’s Nest at the summit.

Like many fine things these days, our fun was cut short by that wily virus. However, like Helen is fond to remind us, “This is Miramar!!” As we went our separate ways I was touched by the affection members showed to each other. If anything is going to get us through the rest of this pandemic, I think it is just that. The affection we have for this special place and the generations it has touched won’t fix everything, but without it nothing’s worth fixing.

Magic Mountain Ski Council Discount!

Magic Mountain Ski Council Discount!

Flash your valid membership card and save money at Magic Mountain.

——– Original message ——–

From: [email protected]
Date: 10/09/2017 1:00 PM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: Magic Mountain Council days

Below are the Council days given to us by Magic Mountain, Vermont.

17 th and 18th: $44
27,28,29: $49.00


20,21,22,23: $49.00


April: 6,7,8: $39.00

Kerry Mara
Ski Magic, LLC
Cell: 802-353-3055

2017-18 Winter Trip Schedule

2017-18 Winter Trip Schedule

Early season your thing? Vermont for the holidays? Maybe club racing, mid-winter freshies, or spring corn snow are more your style?
Whatever you’re craving we’ve got it all this year, so pick your dates and mark your schedules now!
Additional information and registration links will be posted in our calendar approximately 30 days before the departure date for each trip.
Miramar 2017-18 Winter Trips